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Terms and Conditions

[Updated 2/27/2020]

Terms of Service

I. I have the right to use artwork made how I see fit.
a. This includes but is not limited to reposting on websites, adding it to my portfolio and much more. The exception to this is if the commission is private.
II. Reposting any commissions are ok with the proper credit intact, and it's not for profit — no taking off my signature.
III. I will not draw in different styles, so don't ask me to. You're commissioning me for my style, not someone else's.
V. I take roughly a week or 2 to finish commissions (and that usually depends on the type). I will update if I believe it will take longer than expected.
VI. There is a maximum of 3 minor edits and one major edit before I have to charge a $3 fee for every extra edit.
VII. I require references for characters. If you don't have one, bring pictures to help me visualize the character accurately (i.e., hairstyle photos, color palettes, clothing inspiration).
X. I reserve the right to refuse a commission if I'm not comfortable doing it.
a. Unless it breaks my terms of service or I am just not able to do it for personal reasons, refusal of a commission is a rarity.


I. I will answer to direct messages on social media or email.
a. Contact via email gets a faster response and is much preferred, but not required.
II. Please use the form provided when contacting me or I will ignore your request.
II. Every new contact is on a queue basis.
a. The first few people who contact me and give payment first will get the first few slots.b. Don't be discouraged if I don't respond to your inquiry right away. You're definitely in the queue.
III. There is a maximum of 2 orders per person at a time.


I. I take payments via PayPal only.
II. I will only start a commission once I receive half or full payment upfront. I WILL NOT take half payment for sketch commissions.
III. I do indeed do refunds, but only up to halfway through your commission. I will only do this for colored type commissions and up.
a. For example: if you ask for a half body finished commission, and ask for a refund at the dirty sketching phase I will refund the amount relative to the commission type (so $15 for the full-body sketch). I will NOT do refunds past the sketching phase, and especially not after completion.
IV. There is a three-day grace period for payments. After that period I will have no choice but to free up your slot for the next person.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Art

Can I repost your work to [insert social media here]?
Absolutely not, not even fanart. If I see my work anywhere that isn't social medias I actively use, I will personally demand you take it down. Even if you give credit, I did not give permission for reposting anyway.
Can I use your work for avatars/icons/etc.?
Sure as long as you give credit for the icon, and the credit is in a clear and obvious place.
Can I use your work for roleplays?
You can use my fanart for roleplays. You can't use any of my original work for your characters.
Oooh, I love your characters. Can I draw them?
Of course! I love fan art of my characters, just keep it appropriate! If you have questions, feel free to ask me on any social media!

About Commissions

Do I have to strictly follow the menu?
No, you can put your money toward different tiers if you want to.
Can I re-upload my own commissioned work?
You may as long as you give clear and obvious credit.
Can I use my commissioned work for non-commercial purposes?
Of course! You may use it for whatever you wish. If you plan to re-upload it somewhere, see the above.
Can I use the my commissioned work for commercial purposes?
Only if we've come to an agreement behind the scenes. If we have, then by all means. If we haven't, then don't.
Can I use the contact page to ask questions rather than place an order?
You sure can! Just remember that I may take a bit to get back to you.

About Me

Hey! I'm Yaritza, Pearlescent, or Pearl for short. I'm a college-taught and self-taught digital illustrator and graphic designer. I mostly draw my characters or characters of others! I do like to try new things, so my library is ever-growing.

Paint Tool SaiVibrant Colors
Adobe Creative Suite 6Character Design
Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch Small 

Social Media

Illustration Commissions

Let me give preemptive thanks so much for considering me for commissions. However, before you can even think of arranging something, there are some things I need to get across. PLEASE make sure you read through the ToS before contacting me.

Current Status: Open


TypeBase PriceComplexity Fee
Half Body$20+$10
Full Body$30+$10


TypeBase PriceComplexity Fee
Half Body$30+$15
Full Body$40+$15
Will DrawWon't DrawNeutral
OCSSuper complex BackgroundsAnimals (trying to learn)
Fan CharactersNSFW/Fetish ArtFurries (trying to learn)
Fan ArtDiscriminatory/Hateful ArtSeductive Art (case-by-case-basis)
Semi-FurryRealismSome Gore (case-by-case basis)

Order Form

Use this form when contacting me!

Your Name: (you can use your actual name or your handle if you wish)
Paypal Email: (please make sure to have an email you use)
Commission Type: Bust/Half Body/Full Body - Sketch/Colored
Visual References: (Put things like character references, reference pictures, etc here. Reminder that extra characters in one picture are extra money!)
Pose & Expression: (Visuals Preferred)
Background Elements: (Any objects, shapes, or bases you want in the background or part of the picture - Visuals preferred. Character pictures only)
Publicity: Public/Private
Updates: Preferred/Not preferred

Contact Me!

Remember to use the form on my illustration commissions page!

Thank you!

Your request has been sent! Please allow 3-5 days for a response from myself! Thank you very much for contacting me in advance.